Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy 

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The Owner
The Owner Minute ago
Ryan Reynolds - God mode - never OFF! Savage and funny af. What's not to like? :-]
Kate 2 minutes ago
Hilarious !! I love this man ....so many funny comments......thank you people xxx
NorskKiwi 12 minutes ago
Dude that was awesome, I think you have a shot!
Kael Shade
Kael Shade 19 minutes ago
I had a friend who got a vasectomy. I bought him a condolence card that read "Sometimes in life things happen that we do not understand." I gave him the card when he arrived home with fresh stitches. It made him laugh and feel sore. He called me an a-hole. Good times.
Peter Seidel
Peter Seidel 33 minutes ago
*FATHERHOOD: HIGHEST RATED JOB! F**K FEMINISM 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢踢*
UniversalFox 45 minutes ago
Ryan buddy, if you want Mint mobile to succeed, just build towers that actually allows people to get good service and you sir, will have a loyal customer. You will have so many more on top of that (instead of the piggybacking bs like many others). Not sure if this is the place to tell you and I don't really care. Regardless, that will work without a shadow of a doubt.
tina hoffmaster
tina hoffmaster 48 minutes ago
julian criscitello
julian criscitello 59 minutes ago
The word douche has his picture next to it in the dictionary.
Fun fact, the vasectomy is a procedure where the male cut off their balls to permanently prevent pregnancy.
Dylan Hour ago
Has he ever been outside?
Badatallthis Stuff
Dude missed a great chance to make a new vodka for his brand called "Vasectomy" with the catch phrase "You don't have the balls!"
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Taylor Hour ago
Ghak von Stryck
False advertising! I thought he got sterile... not that I want him sterile, I just wanted to know why!
Secret Name
Secret Name Hour ago
That first twist got me off guard
Jack B
Jack B Hour ago
I get the feeling Ryan's parents got their wish: That he had children that behaved _just like he did_
Tim Hour ago
He plays the hapless guy so well LOL
Jim Hearn
Jim Hearn Hour ago
Get some balls...
lola brini
lola brini 2 hours ago
he's manly and funny damn that blake is lucky
sephiroth11041 X
sephiroth11041 X 2 hours ago
I'd love to try his cocktail...will try the recipe Mr. Handsome Reynolds! ;)
Tittymilk74 2 hours ago
Really wish this guy would wear his detective pikachu costume instead
Ice Desayte
Ice Desayte 2 hours ago
Am矇ricain gin.... No way xd the rest its good
Sp1ash 2 hours ago
Deadpool looking healthy these days
Ylva Bjarnson
Ylva Bjarnson 2 hours ago
You're a good guy. Not many of you in Hollywood. We have an alcohol-free home. We don't drink we live in Utah
j flash
j flash 2 hours ago
The Schlick is wearing on me
TEDDY 2 hours ago
It looks like ruhaffza i wont lie
L.H. LAICH 3 hours ago
The greatest ad and commercial actor!
Jerico Reyes
Jerico Reyes 3 hours ago
unemployedwineguy vibes
Dash Overton
Dash Overton 3 hours ago
I dont see any point of this video clip by Reynolds. What does it have to do with Fathers Day or vasectomies? Just a cheap shot to get a laugh. Totally pointless and inane.
D G 3 hours ago
It's obviously not the father
Jade Imingan
Jade Imingan 3 hours ago
Happy Father's Day Deadpool. Make sure to give Vanessa and the newborn baby all the love you can give.
Passion8 4God
Passion8 4God 3 hours ago
Reminds me of That Chick Angel TV's Crafts and Cocktails Show.
Jinja 3 hours ago
Pikachoo man
jonzo22 3 hours ago
I feel like he gay, but also, he gets wamen
TEK ZOP66 3 hours ago
This guy would be a good actor he seems funny
BBMERS 189 4 hours ago
I was scared for a minute there
Jorge L籀pez
Jorge L籀pez 4 hours ago
Damn, I was waiting for a joke
none one
none one 4 hours ago
The total heir of Nationl Lampoon Animal house, that guy who fuked the deans wife
Nancy H
Nancy H 4 hours ago
Respect for Fatherhood! Haha!
RRios0027 4 hours ago
Wait, is this Reynolds or Deadpool?
insert name
insert name 4 hours ago
i thought he meant other "vasectomy" vasectomy
Mythraen 4 hours ago
Your name isn't plural. The title should be: "Ryan Reynolds's Vasectomy."
Doug Shelton
Doug Shelton 4 hours ago
A real gift from Canada
louis delarampe
louis delarampe 4 hours ago
Vasectomy is a trap.
louis delarampe
louis delarampe 4 hours ago
Again with this propaganda. Rich people don't want you to have kids.
Felipe Cervantes
Felipe Cervantes 4 hours ago
I have no kids. Love my life. I stay a kid and no one can force me to grow up because I have no one who depends on me but me.
Pruthvi Raj MS
Pruthvi Raj MS 4 hours ago
Did anyone notice they showed , please drink responsibly.
Darshan JK
Darshan JK 4 hours ago
Hugh Jackman we love you 歹
Fayza Ardiarizky K.P
How are his voice sounds soothing af but sarcastic at the same time.
ODIN 4 hours ago
I'm a man but even still OH MY GOOOODDD NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! 休 No more beautiful babies.................
Guhan SEN
Guhan SEN 4 hours ago
Vasectomy is that thing right ?
RidiculuSS 5 hours ago
0:48 haha :D
Peggy Monique Carrot
The right name for a drink on fathersday
GeoMigz 5 hours ago
Cindi Hudson
Cindi Hudson 5 hours ago
Wow he should play Deadpool he looks just like him
La Ra
La Ra 6 hours ago
Lol,, thats great
John Soto
John Soto 6 hours ago
Brilliant Ryan. Cheers to us (fathers)
America 1st
America 1st 6 hours ago
only liberals would drink, touch or think about this...That said, lets clean out the DNA pool, so bottoms up children...
Surya Gopalakrishnan
Why this name ? Oooo
Suzy Rottencrotch
Suzy Rottencrotch 6 hours ago
Ryan our maid is overwhelmed
Wae1 6 hours ago
Absolutely clickbaited
Sean_B 6 hours ago
I think this guy could be a comedian. He might have a movie career ahead of him if he works hard and finds a really hot wife to support him.
dib` 6 hours ago
His voice, reminds me always of deadpool. His like hugh , irreplaceable.
Ame Spe
Ame Spe 6 hours ago
Can u imagine ricky Gervais and ryan
Phil Whipple
Phil Whipple 6 hours ago
After a vasectomy an organism is not a big deal anymore.
Isabel Cristo
Isabel Cristo 7 hours ago
Qu矇 tipo tan guapo y sexy!! Jaja... me encanta su sarcasmo.
Jetoler 7 hours ago
This guy kinda looks like deadpool
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks 7 hours ago
Did i just willingly watch an ad? :D
S Lee
S Lee 7 hours ago
Is this like aftercare? Thought u sold aviation gin and moved on to mint lol
Nancy Drew Case Book
A Cock-tail about Vasectomy told by a creepy dude sorry "actor" Got that Ted Bunny vibe down
Mary Ebert
Mary Ebert 7 hours ago
The eight morocco effectively injure because celeste informally bore after a dynamic ant. amuck, animated dragonfly
Jay Michael
Jay Michael 7 hours ago
The vasectomy.. For those who enjoy a good night's sleep..
Fortnite Slayer
Fortnite Slayer 7 hours ago
Joseph Scarbrough Puppet Productions
You do realize that USlift wasn't created for already-famous A-list celebrities like you right? That it was created for us little guys so we'd have a platform to share our originality, right?
BlueDemonOzzy 8 hours ago
......That bar tender looks familiar... WAIT I know who that is... It's Ryan Gosling
mike ibarra
mike ibarra 8 hours ago
Dont believe anything that comes out of that shenanigans mouth!! Hilarious as always!!!
Leandro w
Leandro w 8 hours ago
Algu矇m dubla esse v穩deo a穩 p Brasileiro kkkkk
Lofi Lummy
Lofi Lummy 8 hours ago
Love you but I question your sanity
simone norman
simone norman 8 hours ago
Thumbnail. You look disgusted. If tht man is white stop showing up here. Im so comfortable with myself. It seems somebody else wants me to beg for something g I dont even want. Im good. Ill keep saying it India told me his name. So we even. Stop following me
R G 8 hours ago
I use to like Ryan Reynolds but then he had to go and talk about Covid.
Osten Pontus
Osten Pontus 8 hours ago
DO NOT REPRODUCE [REDACTIED]. Thanks Hollywoodman.
Nicholas Sharma
Nicholas Sharma 8 hours ago
Eugenics propaganda.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 8 hours ago
Funny man
The One
The One 8 hours ago
who the fook is this guy
DannyB Plays
DannyB Plays 8 hours ago
Dammit why is he so handsome and hilarious
Mister Scribs
Mister Scribs 9 hours ago
Why does this guy sound like deadpool
Sedating Sounds
Sedating Sounds 9 hours ago
I was robbed of a funny story. Needless to say, he is the only person I'd watch make drinks.
Mike Mullin
Mike Mullin 9 hours ago
At least he won't produce any more twits like himself.
Red Rose Phoenix
Red Rose Phoenix 9 hours ago
This actually looks good
zoboomafoo payaso
zoboomafoo payaso 9 hours ago
good good....
Olga Little
Olga Little 9 hours ago
The amusing donald medicinally prepare because billboard kinetically handle over a idiotic emery. selective, wholesale street
Dinu G
Dinu G 9 hours ago
Not sure, was expecting a very serious and no jokes video.
Cocktails & Consoles
Would love to see the secret translated version: - "Cranberry juice! Red like your eyes after staying up all night with colic" - "Tonic water! Filled with quinine which treats malaria and hopefully anything else your kid brings home from kindergarten" - "Lemon juice! Tastes like your tears at 2 am" - "Aviation gin! Which you will be pouring into a coffee cup to fool your coworkers on your Zoom meetings"
Kate 3 minutes ago
Hilarious !!
Brad Zimmer
Brad Zimmer 9 hours ago
Thats too funny. Proudly Canadian.
Attitude Problem
Attitude Problem 9 hours ago
What a perfect name for a drink...
scotty rousay
scotty rousay 10 hours ago
You should have cut the 'lemon " with a scalpel
Are 10 hours ago
Imagine snipping yourself big oof
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